Work Notification Schemes

The Building Regulations parts F, G ,H, J, L, and P are the approved documents for England & Wales. Their impact is such that 'Plumbers' now find that to continue to work within the many areas of the Plumbing & Heating Industry involves the mandatory joining of Competent Person Schemes and meeting the minimum standards through courses and examination. The joining of such schemes allow operatives to 'Self Certify' the work they carried out and notify their chosen Registration Body. Having notified, the Registration Body will in turn notify the Local Authority Building Control and issue the Householder with a certificate of work compliance. These schemes are also backed by insurance so work carried out is underwritten giving peace of mind to the home owner.
The introduction by the Government of Competent Person Scheme 
The government introduced the new Competent Persons Schemes to boost compliance with Building Regulations, tackling ‘cowboy’s’ head on, Self certification will dramatically increase compliance with Building Regulations and will promote training and ... [ read more ]
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