Ecocat will bring comfort to any home

Last Updated: 4/2/2008 1:31:10 PM
A new high-efficiency water cylinder called Ecocat has been developed by Chelmer Heating which provides a space saving solution for both heating and hot water storage. This is claimed to offer a quantum leap in operating performance from combined heat sources, providing both mains pressure hot water for baths and showers, together with buffered low temperature water for underfloor heating.

These highly versatile cylinders are designed to offer low carbon solutions through their ability to accept the high flow rates of virtually any heat pump, including air, water and ground heat source units. A full commitment to renewable energy is also indicated with an additional coil fitted as standard for supplementary thermal input from solar collectors for both heating and hot water.

The compact, elegant, fully integrated design is compatible with a range of boilers including gas, oil, LPG and electric. The fully insulated cased unit incorporates a ‘tank in tank’ domestic cylinder for optimal heat transfer, while a revolutionary heating buffer (optimised for heat pump connection) allows fully zoned underfloor heating with simplified controls, and a marked increase in efficiency. A back-up immersion heater is provided for the domestic hot water supply, with the cylinder design also minimising wasteful boiler and heat pump cycling.

Three cylinders are currently available in the range offering stored domestic water capacities of 100/150/200 litres, with corresponding heating buffers for underfloor heating areas of 180/260/360 metres2. All cylinders have installation footprints of 800 x 800mm, with heights of 1.6, 1.8 or 2.2 metres respectively.

Chelmer Heating prides them on making their products easy to install and commission as well as providing simple user controls for operation. The Ecocat is no exception, enabling even the uninitiated to install a system with relative ease. However, their comprehensive and experienced technical support team is also available, happy to offer advice from initial conception through to full project completion.
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